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Oct 14, 2013

Family News - 2013 October 14th

NEF October 2013
  • A word from the Superior General

    A word from the Superior General

    In the place of all the victims

  • St Michael

    Saint Michael Garicoits wrote...

  • Today too, as always, the Lord needs you, young people, for his Church. My friends, the Lord needs you! Today too, he is calling each of you to follow him in his Church and to be missionaries. The Lord is calling you today! Not the masses, but you, and yo

    World Youth Day 2013 (2)

    In 1986 when he launched the World Youth Days Jean Paul II wanted to be in contact with the youth of the whole world, show them that the Church had trust in them, and share his faith in Jesus Christ with them. Since then the WYD have become a real “festival of faith.” Along with the young pilgrims from all corners of the globe many religious are now taking part in this adventure of faith-sharing which is spent in singing, dancing, sleeping outdoors in a sleeping bag, long walks with bubbling youth. This experience leaves a lasting impression on these religious.

  • Keeping pace with the young!

    The last word to Fr. Gustavo Agín, Regional Superior

    Finally in addition to these memories and accounts, Father Gustavo Agin, Regional Superior of the Father Etchecopar Region, offers us here a reflexion on this event which has opened so many hearts and satisfied them.

  • Session for the religious brothers at Betharram

    Session for the religious brothers at Betharram

    From the every corner of the Congregation (England, Argentina, Centre-Africa, Ivory Coast, France, Italy and Paraguay) 24 religious-brothers spent part of the month of September 2013 in the birthplace of their vocation for the simple pleasure of being together in family and of renewing their energies.

  • Fr. Austin Hughes with Fr. Gaspar Fernandez at 2011 General Chapter

    NARRATIO FIDEI... by Fr. Austin Hughes

    Don’t they say everywhere: “Isn’t he a lucky man to be so full of self-confidence! Everything seems easier for him!” What can we say about the man who has confidence in his God? He is jubilant and can lift mountains! “To believe is to have confidence” the Swiss Theologian Karl Barth used to say.

  • Anono (quarter of Abidjan), 17 December 1978 - Abidjan, 19 September 2013

    In memoriam...

    Fr. Omer Koutouan Nanghuy (17th December 1978 - 19th September 2013)



    9 – The 1901, 1919 & 1947 Constitutions

  • Fr. Gaspar Fernandez Perez scj in the chapel of the Generalate

    Notes from the General Council

    Appointments, admissions, others...

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