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Jun 14, 2013

Family News - 2013 June 14th

  • The life of the religious at Betharram is essentially  a community life

    A word from the superior general

    Superiors at Betharram

  • St. Michael Garicoïts

    Saint Michael Garicoïts wrote...

  • The inheritance from St Michael is not an antique which we are caring for like any old relic

    The jubilee year

    One month after the opening of St Michael’s jubilee year our bird’s eye view of the Congregation could easily give a dizzy spell. There has been so much news arriving at the Generalate from the three regions – proof of boundless energy and enthusiasm, not only from the Betharramite Religious but also from all those associated with them: laity, youth, parishioners, collaborators, all willing to celebrate the Jubilee of St Michael Garicoits.

  • The World Youth Day - Rio de Janeiro

    Next appointment: the WYD in Brazil

  • the Incarnation is an example of a movement of generosity driven by a love freely given for mankind


    Last appointment of a series of lectures by Fr. Laurent Bacho to the laity in Ivory Coast in Adiapodoumé in 2012.

  • Fr. Jacky with the novices

    NARRATIO FIDEI: The Joy with Jacky Moura, scj

    A strong, pleasant but time-limited emotion, a feeling of fullness... is joy perhaps a gift just occasionally received? Or a state of mind made of satisfaction and gratitude that we are called to foster all the time? “Always be joyful in the Lord” this is how St Paul would urge the Philippians in his letter... while he himself was confined in the jails of Rome.

  • Sr Myriam of Jesus Crucified

    History of the Rule of life

    6 – The 1878 Rule and the Laudatory Brief

  • Fr. Gaspar Fernandez Perez scj

    Note from the General Council

    Appointments, admissions, various ...

  • In memoriam

    In memoriam...

    Our deceased brothers

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