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Jul 13, 2013

Saint Michael Garicoïts wrote...

Saint Michael Garicoïts wrote...

Question: What is the most necessary piece of knowledge for human life?

Reply: It is self-knowledge.  It is better to know one’s faults than to enter into all the secrets of states and empires than be able to unravel all the demands of nature. Question:  What is the scarcest of all knowledge? Reply: It is self-knowledge.  We can see far beyond ourselves and yet we miss what is nearest, namely ourselves.  Everybody knows our short comings, we are the only ones not to know them.

Question: What is preventing us from knowing ourselves? Reply:  We see ourselves from too close an angle. Our eyesight gets mixed up with the object and we are not sufficiently detached from ourselves to be able to have a good view of ourselves.  This leads to great disorder; we don’t want to know ourselves. (M 412)

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