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Ivory Coast - Yamoussoukro, Apr 17, 2012

Ivory Coast - Yamoussoukro

On April 14th and 15th, 23 lay associates of the Vicariate of Ivory Coast gathered in St. Felix Parish of Yamoussoukro for the first meeting of the three Fraternity groups in the country: the "Nè Mè" group in Abidjan-Adiapodoumé; the "Mi yè" in Yamoussoukro and the "Mi ngan" in Dabakala.

Ivory Coast - Yamoussoukro
The Frs. Sylvain, Arsene and François attended also the meeting, while the Betharramite community of Yamoussoukro was pleased to welcome this fraternal gathering, which set up a Fraternity council composed of a president (Mrs. Anne-Marie Douh from Abidjan), a General Secretary (Mrs. Michelle Kouakou Akissi from Yamoussoukro), a secretary for the organization (Mr. Gerard Soro from Dabakala), a person responsible for communication (Mr. Gerald Koffi from Abidjan), a treasurer (Mrs. Madeleine Koue from Yamoussoukro). The newborn Fraternity Council will meet on May 26th at Adiapodoumé. And the three Fraternity groups will gather again on the Second Sunday of Easter 2013 in Yamoussoukro. The past Sunday celebration of the Eucharist allowed the parish community of St Felix to know better the situation of the Betharramite lay associates. The lay members’ meeting did not anyway prevent the usual parish activities from being held, among which a pastoral council.

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