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Mar 14, 2014

The 150th anniversary

Harbustan Project: Mission to Tacuarembo (Uruguay) - Guest House at Adiapodoumé (Costa de Marfil)

The 150th anniversary

The Jubilee Year we are celebrating is characterised not only by different festivities and anniversaries, but by new openings too. Invited by Pope Francis to “go forth” and to reach out to different peripheries, the religious of Betharram feel committed not only to preserve the present set-up, but to meet the new challenges of today’s world with courage. This is the fruit of the jubilee we are celebrating.
We feel the words of Saint Michael as relevant as ever today: “The object of the Society is then to train and form these ministers so perfectly that at the first signal of the will of their bishop or superior they can be worthily chosen to work for the salvation of souls.” (MS 339)


Harbustan Project: Mission to Tacuarembo

For some time now this project has been underconsideration. During the first Regional Chapter of 2010 it was suggested to open a regional missionary community in the Etchecopar Region.

Last year several discussions took place, especially among ourselves Betharramite religious, then with some priests in Uruguay and finally with the Bishop. Each discussion was shared with all the religious who wanted to be kept informed about the progress which the discernment was making. At the end it was decided to make a foundation with three religious in the diocese of Tacuarembo, 400 km from Montevideo: a deacon from Brazil, Brother Wagner Ferreira, a brother from Paraguay, Brother Victor Torales and Father Angelo Recalcati.

The Bishop, Mgr Lopez Bonino, suggested that we take pastoral care of the outer ring road quarter of Tacuarembo, the Lopez Barrio, and of four villages inland: Paso del Cerro, Los Laureles, Puebla Treinta y Tres and Lambare. The three of us met up 13th February at Montevideo; on the 14th we set out for Tacaurembo where we met up with Fathers Gustavo Agin, Regional Superior and Sergio Gouarnalusse who had come on purpose from Argentina to accompany us on this new mission.

On Sunday 16th at 9.00 am, the Bishop presided over Mass in the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima; in his homily the Bishop spoke of the importance of the Word of God which assembles us, of the Christian community which is always a missionary community, stressing that the mission is a task belonging not only to the religious but to all Christians.

At the end of Mass, someone from the community said a few words to welcome us and in a symbolical gesture handed over to us the keys of the modest house which was going to be our home.


The project which we had built with the Bishop was to promote the small base communities which would meet to read the Word of God, encourage the formation of Pastoral helpers who will animate the liturgy, making it a time of celebration and prayer for the community, catechesis, by which the community shares its faith and what it is doing for the poor as a means of expressing real charity.

However we can’t forget our mission to Montevideo: the parish cared for by Father Gavel for years despite his illness and the college. This is why we decided on a rotation by which two of us will be at Tucuarembo and one at Montevideo. Furthermore, one week a month, we shall all meet up at Montevideo to strengthen our community life.

We are fully aware that this is an ambitious and demanding programme. We are relying on God’s help and on your prayers that we will carry it out to the best of our ability.

Angelo Recalcati, scj



Guest House at Adiapodoumé

Thanks to Betharramite solidarity...
The Guest House in the compound of the Formation Community at Adiapodoume is for the use of:


  • The brothers of the Vicariate and brothers from other Vicariates to facilitate fraternal meetings for times of reflexion and prayer.
  • People from outside (priests, religious and laity) who wish to spend a time of recollection and retreat.

    More and more people are asking to join our community at Adiapodoume for a break so as to meet the Lord. Our house didn’t have the means to respond to this type of request

    The building which is now going up is composed of a meeting hall, a kitchen, a dining room, and 12 two-bed rooms. The cost is estimated at 247 000 euros. Work started at the beginning of February and is expected to last 6 months.

    Thanks to the solidarity of different Vicariates of the Congregation, a first payment has already been made. The continuation will demand the same solidarity. The Vicariate of Ivory Coast could have assured half of the budget over 2 years if the rate of exchange of the hevea (latex extracted from the rubber tree) was the same as in 2011. Unfortunately the purchase price is actually down 1/3 of what we knew but the expenses haven’t dropped. The Vicariate can only reasonably hope to pay for the furniture.

    Heartfelt thanks to the Vicariates which will help in the realisation of this project which is a real necessity for our Vicariate. Isn’t that what is called “the economy of communion”?

    Once more very heartfelt thanks for such Betharramite solidarity shown in this fraternal sharing.

    The Community at Adiapodoume

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