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England - Birmingham, Mar 06, 2015

Schoolchildren inspired by St. Michael’s Life

Fr Wilfrd has just sent in this news. On 26th of February 2015, I had been privileged to attend a ‘Year 4 school assembly’ at St. Thomas More Primary School at Sheldon, Birmingham.

Schoolchildren inspired by St. Michael’s Life

The theme of the assembly was linked to the ‘Year of Consecrated Life’. The Year 4 students and staff chose to think about the Life of St. Michael and they narrated and acted out St. Michael’s life. In one of the questions they asked during the assembly was, how can the life of St. Michael inspire us today? The year 4 students came up with answer by saying that “When things are difficult in my life I will continue to trust in God and not to give up like St. Michael when he wanted to become a priest and had no money. It seemed impossible but he did become a priest through his own hard work”. I had a chance to interact with the year 4 students and the staff after the assembly. I appreciated and thanked them on our behalf for the courageous narration of St. Michael’s life to the School.

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