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Jun 14, 2017

Voices from the Chapter (2)

Message from the laity of the Etchecopar Region

Voices from the Chapter (2)

From 12 to 14 May, in parallel with the General Chapter, there was a meeting of the Betharramite laity from the three Vicariates of the Region of Auguste Etchecopar. Highlight of this meeting, the feast of St. Michael Garicoits, during which religious and lay people shared the way they live.

All have refreshed themselves at “the same source” (RdV n ° 3), each according to his vocation. What emerges from the laity is a very interesting and significant program.

We find that in our Region, and probably throughout the world, God’s place in people’s lives is decreasing, resulting in the dehumanization of people and a loss of the real meaning of life.

We note that the family is seriously affected, the realities we are facing show that the family, based on the style of the holy family of Nazareth, give way to the realities of the times.
Everyday difficulties cause young people to take refuge in unhealthy activities that harm their physical and spiritual health. At the educational level, it becomes increasingly difficult to refer to spiritual values ​​as countries declare themselves secular and the authorities and society limit the importance of the spiritual sphere.

Faced with this reality, we believe that we must strengthen the training and support work for the individual and the family; It is necessary to reaffirm the importance of the family, while remaining open, with a merciful gaze, to other realities, also welcoming them with great love and accompanying them from the spiritual point of view.

To this end, we propose to work on the following points:

  • To work on a general course, at the level of the Congregation, conceived jointly by the laity and the religious, with clear and common lines for all the works of the Congregation. To return to the source, to work in the missionary perspective.
  • Promote communication and collaboration at the regional level, by creating networks to collaborate in the training of pastoral agents and to support their development. Prioritise the meetings of the laity and organize them periodically by varying the places.
  • Recourse without fear to the various sciences and interdisciplinary work. Professionalize work teams where necessary. Be open to new forms of action and innovation.
  • To assume the role of the lay Betharramites, both us and the religious. Develop spaces to work the spiritual realm of people in all spheres of life; This will enable us to form, especially the Betharramite charism.
  • Faced with the different realities we face in colleges, parish catechesis and youth groups, we must be prepared to respond to an infinite number of situations and be able to identify the situations in which we have to call upon professionals, where we are not in a position to provide a solution or provide support. We need to train trainers who pass on the charism to newcomers, whether in colleges, parishes or lay groups.
  • Improve communication and networking to work together and share experiences and situations. To live a shared mission in all vicariates.
  • Given the lack of Betharramite vocations, look for suitable places in schools and parishes. Form a team of lay and religious workers to work together for vocations for the Congregation and the Church.
  • Being schools hosting students with disabilities, training teachers and working more the spiritual identity of our colleges.
  • Struggle to reduce the gap between poor and rich from the testimony and the sober lifestyle of our religious and lay people.
  • Use technology tools, social networks, share, publish, etc.
  • Think of a project of education to love (affectivity and sexuality) for each vicariate.

APARECIDA 432 | The family is one of the most important treasures of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, it is a patrimony of humanity as a whole. In our countries, a significant proportion of the population is affected by difficult living conditions that directly threaten the family institution. In our condition as disciples and missionaries of Jesus Christ, we are called to work for this situation to change, and for the family to assume its identity and mission.

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