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May 12, 2016

Listening to Saint Michael...

Cachica Notebook, 14

Listening to Saint Michael...

Is not the unity of the Church something which the simplest of folks should recognize as one of her characteristics? Who should keep a watchful eye on the preservation of this unity? In a word what constitutes the Head of the Church, its centre, towards which all the faithful should press forward? It’s Rome! It is the successor of St Peter!

Our Father Superior used to say: my mother felt the need to be on the side of Rome. When she was getting married France was in a state of revolt; the clergy had taken the Constitutional oath. Since she didn’t want to have anything to do with her Parish priest she had to go to Spain to get the nuptial blessing from a priest in union with Rome. She used to say that France had cut itself off from the Pope and that we should be on his side.

With her blood this Christian mother had been able to transmit her attachment to the Holy See to the heart of her son. He used to tell us that he had never taught the four articles. He had always believed in the infallibility of the Holy Father. He always said that if he had believed the contrary it would have seemed to him that he was in a state of mortal sin.

Cachica Notebook, 14

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