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Mar 12, 2015

Notices from the General Council

  • During the session of 18 February 2015 of the General Council, the Superior General, with the consent of his Council, appointed Fr Jean-Dominique Delgue, as Regional Bursar of the Region Saint Michael Garicoits.
  • The Superior General, with the advice of his Council, decided to invite some confreres to the canonization ceremony of Blessed Mariam of Jesus Crucified, which will take place on May 17 in Saint Peter’s Square. For the piritual bonds with the Blessed Mariam or as representatives of our three Regions, and in a particular way the Region carrying her name, these are the religious that have been invited: Rev. Fr Pierre Grech, Rev. Fr Francesco Radaelli, Fr Laurent Bacho, Fr Francisco de Assis Dos Santos, Fr Austin Hughes, Fr Henri Lamasse, Fr Pietro Felet, Fr Aldo Nespoli, Fr Beñat Oyhénart, Fr Gabriel Pornchai Sukjai, Fr Mirco Trusgnachand and an Indian religious. Unfortunately Mons Vincent Landel, Fr Biju Alappat, Fr Jean-Dominique Delgue and Fr Jean-Luc Morin, due to different reasons, will not be able to be present.
  • We have the joy to announce the final list of the participants of the session of ongoing formation which will take place in the Holy Land from June 26 to July 30 2016: Fr. Eyad Bader, Fr. Osvaldo Caniza, Fr. Ercole Ceriani, Fr. Mongkhon Camilo Charoentham, Fr. Julio Colina, Br. Gilbert Coulibaly, Fr. Francisco Daleoso, Fr. Francisco De Paula, Fr. Daniel González, Fr. Sergio Gouarnalusse, Fr. Valan Peter Kanagaraj, Fr. Javier Irala, Fr. José Larrosa, Fr. Mario Longoni, Fr. Henri Marsaa-Poey, Fr. Tiziano Molteni, Fr. Subesh Sebastian Odiyathingal, Fr. Beñat Oyhénart, Fr. Paulo Cesar Pinto, Br. Angelo Sala, Fr. Mauro Ulrich de Oliveira, Fr. Michel Vignau.
    These days, these brothers have received the official invitation letter from the Superior General and from their respective Regional Superiors. We hope they will make the most of this period of spiritual renewal and of rest.

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