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Thailand - Chiang Mai, Jul 25, 2022

Meetings at the end of the canonical visit

June 22 - At the end of the canonical visit, Fr Gustavo and Fr Enrico had a series of meetings with the religious of the Vicariate.

Meetings at the end of the canonical visit

On June 22, they met the members of the Vicariate Council with whom they shared their impressions of the visit and encouraged them in their work of animation of the communities.

In the afternoon they had a meeting with the formators and Fr. Gustavo stressed the importance of following the guidelines that the Betharramite Formation Team published in February 2022.

On June 23 the work of the Vicariate Assembly began with a Eucharistic celebration. In the meeting that followed, Fr Gustavo presented his report on the state of the Vicariate.

All the religious followed with interest and greatly appreciated the remarks and the encouragement of Fr Gustavo.

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