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Central African Republic - Bouar, Feb 06, 2021

Day of Consecrated Life in Bouar

On February 2, the Church celebrated the Feast of the "Presentation of Jesus in the Temple” and the 25th World Day of Consecrated Life. The Bishop of the Diocese of Bouar, Mgr Mirosław Gucwa, celebrated the event with the religious of the Diocese in the convent of the Sisters of St Clare. The religious of the Betharramite communities present in Bouar also joined in this celebration.

Day of Consecrated Life in Bouar

This year, the anniversary was particularly significant:  the religious present in the Diocese of Bouar gathered around their Bishop, Mgr Mirosław Gucwa, in a very delicate moment of the life of the country.

In fact, since the end of December, the Central African Republic has been at the scene of armed clashes between the army and the rebel groups that now control much of the territory.

Mgr Gucwa expressed his closeness to all the religious, inviting every community to be open and ready for anything that can happen at any moment and in particular to be as close as possible to the people who live in fear and terror.

After the armed clashes started, in fact, a large part of the population found shelter in religious communities and in the city parishes: to date there are over 14,000 displaced persons.

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