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Paraguay - Lambaré, Jul 10, 2019

The ERJOBE has begun!

On 8 July, in Lambaré (Paraguay), he Regional Meeting of Young Betarramites (ERJOBE) started with a moment of prayer.

The ERJOBE has begun!

After being welcomed, all the participants sat around a table for a dinner and then they gathered in the chapel for a prayer session.

Br. Gustavo Angarola SCJ gave a beautiful reflection answering these two questions: “Why do we take a break before  going out? And why do we go out to share?”

Later, the leaders invited the young people to leave their worries behind and to prepare their hearts for the mission that they will start in a few days. Then all wrote their anxieties and wishes on a sheet of paper and presented them at the altar full of trust,  sure that Jesus is at their side and they need not to worry for anything.

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