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Betharram - Communication, Jan 16, 2019

NEF January 2019

«Dear Betharramites, in this year dedicated to going out to share, let us contemplate the marvellous spectacle of a humble God, who says "Yes" to his Father and stays that "Yes", clothed with gentleness and humility, becoming ever more free for a love that gives life.» (Fr. Gustavo Agín scj)

NEF January 2019

This is the wish that comes us at the start of the new year and that you can deepen in the pages of the NEF which, faithfully, resumes its path in this year 2019.

Enjoy the reading!

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Nef is the official bulletin of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Betharram.
Nef is edited by the General Council.

You can read the NEF by going to the appropriate section of the portal, which also contains the archive of recent years.

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