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Italy - Paniga, Oct 01, 2018

50th anniversary of priestly ordination

Sunday, September 16th, in the church of the "Madonna delle Grazie" of Paniga, a hamlet of Morbegno (Sondrio, Italy), the 50th anniversary of Priestly Ordination of Fr. Ugo Donini SCJ, Fr. Francesco Radaelli SCJ and Fr. Alessandro Paniga SCJ was celebrated.

50th anniversary of priestly ordination

For three days before the celebration of this anniversary, sessions of prayer and reflection on religious, priestly and missionary life were organised.

The climax was the solemn concelebration attended by Fr. Celeste Perlini SCJ (hailing from the same village) and Fr. Alberto Pensa SCJ, a missionary in Thailand,  who is in Italy for his holidays.

During the homily, Fr. Alessandro Paniga highlighted the key points of our spirituality: the “Here I am” of the Heart of Jesus, coming into the world, the “Here I am” of Mary on the day of the Annunciation, the “Here I am” of the Holy Founder in consecrating himself totally to fulfill the Will of God.

Lunch followed. In the afternoon, in the church, there was a presentation showing the figure of St. Michael Garicoïts, the Betharramite life in Italy and the history of the mission in Thailand.

In the evening there took place a candle-lit procession from the new church to the old one, the same where on the the eve of Christmas 1967, Fr. Alessandro Paniga and Fr. Ugo Donini imparted their first blessing.

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