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Italy - Montemurlo, Sep 12, 2014

The "Betharramici" (The friends of Bétharram) in the footsteps of St. Michael Garicoïts

On August 5-11, a dozen of "Betharramici", boys and girls from the parish of Montemurlo, experienced a summer camp at the source of the Congregation, at Betharram.


In the footsteps of St. Michael, 11 "BetharrAmici", from the pastoral area of Montemurlo in Tuscany, enjoyed sharing the experience of visiting the place where the Congregation was born. They were guided by fathers Aldo Nespoli and Simone Panzeri and two Spanish friends, who were also interested in knowing more about the Saint of Betharram.
The accommodation at Arcos house fostered the family atmosphere of the group and allowed them to make the most of this opportunity. The days, marked by the common prayer and the Mass, were spent in visiting the Shrine of Betharram, going on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, experiencing silence at Ibarre, sharing with the community of Pau and enjoying a joyful and relaxing day at the seashore of the Ocean at Anglet.
The reflections offered in three moments of the summer camp, led everyone to experience the joy and the challenge of the “Here I am” out of love, with no masks and no fears but only with the enthusiasm of Saint Michael and trust in God.

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