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Ivory Coast - Adiapodoumé , Jun 04, 2013

Show on the occasion of the Jubilee in Adiapodoumé.

Saturday, May 11, at the parish of St. Bernard of Adiapodoume, the Vicariate of Ivory Coast put on a show on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of St. Michael Garicoïts to Heaven.

Ivory Coast - Adiapodoumé

The programme included ballets, sketches, mimes (performed by the brothers of the community and betharramite young boys and girls), and songs sung by famous invited Christian artists. The cd of 10 songs, entitled "From the Heart of Jesus, to the heart of the world", and performed by the Petit Choeur de St Michel Garicoïts was officially launched on the same day. The small choir is mainly  composed of members of the formation community of Adiapodoume. Over 700 people took part in this show, put on in honor of St. Michael Garicoïts, in order to celebrate the saint of the '"Here I am". It was attended also by Mgr Vincent Landel scj, Archbishop of Rabat, and of course by all the brothers of the vicariate, the lay associates and the betharramite youth.

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