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Apr 13, 2016

Notices from the General Council

Notice & Decisions by the Superior General and his Council

Communication from the Team entrusted with the preparation of the session of ongoing formation in Holy Land

The team entrusted with the preparation of the session of ongoing formation in Holy Land, as required by the 26th General Chapter in 2011, this year has been holding a week-long session to take the final step in view of the “training course” (recyclage) which was going to take place in the month of July.
The aim of the team in planning this session of the ongoing formation was to help each participant to “review his life and his vocation” while at the same time visiting the holy places where Jesus lived and carried out his mission.
Unfortunately, in spite of all our efforts, the team had to give up and cancel the recyclage due to the great obstacles encountered.
Among the obstacles we want to voice the difficulty the Regional Superiors had in inviting the religious and getting them involved in the program; this is the reason why we had to postpone the session for one year because we wanted to motivate the participation by sending some working material to the participants before the session itself.
That is why last year we sent part of this material to those who seemed to attend the course for sure. Only very few religious sent in the answers we had requested. This led us to the conclusion that there was no sufficient motivation to participate in the “recyclage” as it was planned.
After this analysis, basically because of lack of interest on the part of the major part of the religious, the team, with the consent of the Superior general, has decided to cancel the ongoing formation session.
We apologise to those who were really interested and had decided to participate in the session. On the other hand, we ask you all to consider also the frustration felt by the members of the team who, along these years, put in a lot of time and energy to draw up the project.
During the Council of the Congregation, with the aim of not nullifying all the work, the team explained to the Regional Superiors the reasons behind this decision and handed over to them all the details of the project they had been working on, so that they can find an opportunity to make use of it during a regional or Vicariate meeting for the good of our brothers. We hope that at the Vicariate level sessions of ongoing formation will be organized and carried out following the procedure suggested by the team.


Decisions of the Superior General and his Council

  • In the meeting of the General Council on April 5 2016, the Superior General, with the consent of his Council, decided to present Br. Juan Pablo García Martínez (Vicariate of Argentina-Uruguay, Region Fr. Augusto Etchecopar) to deaconate;
  • In the same meeting, the Superior General with the advice of his Council approved the appointment of Fr. Raúl Villalba Maylín as Superior of the community of San José di Asunción (Vicariate of Paraguay, Region Fr. Augusto Etchecoapr);


On April 7th, the Superior General received from the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life

the dispense for the appointment of

- Br. Angelo Sala as Superior of the Community of Bouar-Saint Michel (Vicariate of Central Africa, Region St Michael Garicoits) for a 2nd mandate and

- Br. Andrew Ferris as Superior of the Community of Great Barr (Vicariate of England, Region Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified ) for a 1st mandate.

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