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Jun 22, 2013

Betharramite laity

Betharram Companions

Betharramite laity

Associations of Laity came to being in 1989 as the result of a double movement: that of laity wishing to discover a spirituality able to enlighten their daily lives and that of Religious seeking to share with others the richness of their spirituality.

For our associated laity this spirituality is not a further commitment; rather it is a place of reflection to enable them to live fully their personal, professional and social life every day. Together, they want to live and share their Christian life, enlightened by the spirit of Saint Michael and in union with all other members of the Congregation.

The exchange between the community of religious and the laity is a source of mutual enrichment: lay state and consecrated life are complementary, and this bond enables both to better perceive the life and mission of the Church. Today such groups are to be found in France (Fraternité Me Voici), Great Britain (Companions of Betharram), Italy (Vela), Argentina (Falabe), Brazil, Paraguay and Ivory Coast (Fraternité Nê Mê).

In response to the request contained in the Acts of the  General Chapter 2005 for a better communication between laity and religious, Mr Natale Gorgia was appointed as correspondent for the different lay groups and the General Council  in order guarantee the communication in both directions.

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