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The logotype of the Congregation was formalized in November 2006 for the 150th anniversary of the mission in America - in other words, the first Betharramite foundation outside France. This symbol seeks to express the openness to the world of the family founded by St Michael Garicoits. Through their commitments and witness to daily life, is it not a question of placing Christ in the heart of the world and the world in the Heart of God? Conceived by Stephane Pru, french computer graphist, this visual sign expresses the universal character of the message and of the mission of Saint Michael and of his own. To unite the love of God and the love of  humanity, to praise the One, and to serve the other, is nothing more than the globalization according to the Gospel. Downloads

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Nef is the official bulletin of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Betharram.
Nef is edited by the General Council.

You can read the NEF by going to the appropriate section of the portal, which also contains the archive of recent years.

Below you find the last three issues ...