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May 30, 2023

May 30th: birth of the Venerable Fr. Auguste Etchecopar scj

May 30th: birth of the Venerable Fr. Augusto Etchecopar scj

“For six years, I had no other book than Father Garicoïts”
(Ven. Fr Auguste Etchécopar)


Today, May 30th, we celebrate the 193th anniversary of the birth of the Venerable Fr. Augusto Etchecopar SCJ.

Let us share one of his most known prayers to the Heart of Jesus.

We encourage this devotion to this Venerable Priest who has done so much for Betharram and for the Church and let’s all of us do our bestto reinvigorate his cause, for which we have worked for many years with the help of lay people and religious. We invoke the mediation of this apostle of tenderness.


Heart of Jesus, tender as the heart of a mother, the most tender of all hearts,
fill me with sweetness, patience, kindness, charity.
Heart of Jesus, humble like a child's heart,
free me from pride, teach me the humility of heart and spirit
that makes us worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Finally, sweet and tender Heart, we bow down at your feet;
receive us all from the hands of our good and revered Founder.
Divine Heart, you inspired the idea of this work,
you entrusted him with the hard task of starting it,
of continuing it despite all the obstacles.

Receive us, bless us, fill us with your strength and your tenderness,
fill us with your Spirit, fill us with your love.

(Prayer of the Ven. Fr Auguste Etchécopar)

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