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May 14, 2022

Feast of St Michael Garicoïts

Feast of St Michael Garicoïts

“Thank you, O Father, for all that I owe you, for all that we owe you. It was you who gave us birth to religious life, it was you who associated us with your mission, which came from heaven; by you we were enlisted under this banner which bears two hearts, with the sublime motto: Ecce venio! 

You were our guide, our light, our perfect model, our strength and our consolation. Oh! Father carry on!

Let us be your imitators, as you were of Jesus Christ. Keep all that God has given you. Defend, defend your work, the very work of Jesus and Mary. May we be holy and perfect! » 

(Fr Auguste Etchécopar,
To the Fathers and Brothers of America,

Betharram, January 3, 1881) 

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