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Thailand - Chiang Mai, Jan 30, 2023

Saint Miriam Regional Chapter Chiang Mai

January 25: All three vicariates shared about their experience of mission and hopes for the future plus their financial anxieties in the present.

Saint Miriam Regional Chapter Chiang Mai

A word of wisdom from our General Bursar was recalled: “when we speak about the Trinity, we smile in happy agreement, but when we speak about what touches our pocket then there is frequent discord!”

Fortunately all disagreements were good humoured, and the old Vicariate (England) was in admiration of the efforts of the younger Vicariates (Thailand & India) to move towards self-sufficiency.

Registration of land in the name of the Congregation is a key issue everywhere. It was a blessing to see how some of the young priests (ordained only a few years) were rising to the challenge of shouldering heavy responsibilities in missions, parishes and schools.

On this feast of the conversion of St.Paul there  was eagerness to bring the light of Christ to the nations.

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