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Betharram - Communication, May 14, 2023

NEF May 2023

“We Betharramites want to walk together, but we will not be able to if we are trapped by our past. It is a past that we have honoured many many times, (why deny it?) But we have felt its weight, mired in great paradoxes that have caused us pain, shame or perplexity.

NEF May 2023

(…) Let us be healed by Jesus Christ, the Servant of the Father. Jesus is the healer, the giver of his own life.” (Fr. Gustavo Agín SCJ)

Enjoy the reading!

Happy feast of St Michael Garicoïts!

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Nef is the official bulletin of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Betharram.
Nef is edited by the General Council.

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