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Betharram - Communication, May 14, 2021

NEF May 2021

“In a few days,we will celebrate the 191th anniversary of Father Etchecopar’s birth. (…) So we wish to present once more such an important figure for our Congregation, to the point of having been declared by his brothers “the second founder of the Institute”.

NEF May 2021

Fr. Auguste Etchecopar, third Superior General, was foremost St.Michael Garicoïts’ disciple. He faithfully wrote his correspondence and was his personal secretary. This privileged observatory enabled him to know St. Michael well and to get impregnated with his spirituality, which he also knew how to organize in a learned way and transmit to the Congregation through his own writings, circular letters, his letters and conferences. If St. Michaël Garcoït’s charism is so clear for us today, we owe it for a great part to Fr. Etchecopar.” (NEF, May 2021).

From the Generalate House in Rome we wish you a Happy and Joyful Saint Michael Garicoits’ feast!!!

Yet, today joy is mixed with sorrow, since Deacon Daniel Pavon scj, (Vicariate of Paraguay) suddenly died yesterday. The fact is that, for this NEF of May, we had asked him a testimony about Vocation Promotion  in Paraguay. So you will read it in this edition, and you will find out how much Br Daniel was committed to this mission. May he just carry on this task with the same enthusiasm and dedication from the Betharram in Heaven, and may he rest in Peace.

God bless you all.

Happy Feast of Saint Michael Garicoïts in the company of the NEF!

Enjoy the reading!

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