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Thailand - Chiangdao, Feb 12, 2021

Day dedicated to St Michael Garicoïts

On 6th February 2021 a special celebration of St Micheal Garicoïts took place in the parish of Chiangdao.

Day dedicated to St Michael Garicoïts

The Mass, with the presence of some Betharramite religious, was presided over  by Mgr Francis Xavier Vira Arpondratana, who was welcomed by the parish priest and the parishioners at 9.30. 

At 10.00 after a procession with the statue of St Michael Garicoïts, there was a presentation of the mission of Betharram and the story of the founding of this Parish dedicated to St Michael Garicoïts. 

After the Eucharist celebration a cultural programme performed by boys and girls from the different tribes brought the event to an end.

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