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Thailand - Sampran , Dec 30, 2020

Novices’ classes on the topic of “Discernment”

On the 15-16 of December 2020, our novices had the opportunity to learn about “Discernment” by Fr. Miguel Garaizabal SJ, the Superior of the Thai Jesuit Region. The topic was discern the will of God, to understand the call of the Lord Jesus in each person’s life and to know and to understand the vocation more clearly in their life and spiritual journey.

Novices’ classes on the topic of “Discernment”

After studying this topic they came back and shared with gratitude to God for this class that was beneficial to their lives. These classes helped them to understand better God's love and calling, and get to know themselves better. They confidently opened their hearts and minds. They could see their own weaknesses, doubts, depression from within and all kinds of difficulties in their life and ability to accept them and try to overcome them. 

These classes will help them to make progress in their spiritual journey and to grow in their vocation.

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