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Betharram - Communication, Aug 27, 2020

Appointment of the Regional Vicars in the Congregation

The General Council, called by the Superior General from 3 to 8 August, counted the preferences expressed during the consultation with all the religious of the different Vicariates for the appointment of the Regional Vicars who will support the service of the Regional Superiors in the next three years.

Appointment of the Regional Vicars in the Congregation

The "Covid-19" pandemic prevented all the Councillors from reaching Rome to attend this Council meeting. The Superior General, how ever, was granted the the authorisation to hold this Council meeting via video-conference, by the Congregation for the Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life.

The Superior General, with the consent of the Council and after consulting the respective Regional Superiors (Rule of Life No. 248), appointed the following religious as Regional Vicars for the next three years:

St Michael Garicoïts Region:
Regione SMG

  • Vicariate of France-Spain: Fr. Laurent Bacho SCJ
  • Vicariate of Italy: Fr. Piero Trameri SCJ
  • Vicariate of the Holy Land: Fr. Pietro Felet SCJ (until August 31, 2021)
  • Vicariate of Central Africa: Fr. Tiziano Pozzi SCJ
  • Vicariate of the Ivory Coast: Fr Théophile Dégni N’Guessan SCJ
  • First Regional Vicar (RdV n. 251): Fr. TIZIANO POZZI SCJ

Ven. Fr. Augusto Etchecopar Region:

  • Vicariate of Argentina-Uruguay: Fr. Sergio Gouarnalusse SCJ
  • Vicariate of Brazil: Fr. Paulo Cesar Pinto SCJ
  • Vicariate of Paraguay: Fr. Alberto Zaracho SCJ
  • First Regional Vicar (RdV n. 251): Fr. SERGIO GOUARNALUSSE SCJ

Region of St Myriam of Jesus Crucified:
Regione SMGC 2 sito

  • Vicariate of England: Fr. Wilfred Pereppadan SCJ (his mandate ends in 2021)
  • Vicariate of India: Fr. Arul Gnana Prakash SCJ
  • Vicariate of Thailand: Fr. Jhon Chan Kunu SCJ
  • First Regional Vicar (RdV n. 251): Fr. JHON CHAN KUNU SCJ

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