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Brazil - Paulinia, Jun 09, 2014

The first Betharramite Youth Camp (Brazil)

On 24-25 May the first Betharramite Youth Camp was held in Paulinia (Sao Paulo, Brazil)  and it was attended by youth and laity from Sabará, Sao Paulo and Paulina.

The first Betharramite Youth Camp (Brazil)

While celebrating the 150th anniversary of the death of St. Michael Garicoïts, the young people experienced the joy of being together as brothers and sisters in the Church and in Betharram.
The photos show the joy of the participants, who did their best to to make the meeting a success. 
Some particularly meaningful events: the "fogón del consejo", the talk given by Fr Eder on the life of St. Michael Garicoïts; the reflection on the Beatitudes by Fr Aurelio, the prayer sessions prepared by the young people themselves; the Eucharistic celebrations led by Fathers Aurelio and Marcelo; the play performed by the youth from Vila Matilde, the games organized by the youth from Paulina ...
Everyone wished to have more ...
The participants are grateful to Fr Gilberto and to the parish community of "Belo Ramo" for the good food they could enjoy.

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