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Argentina – Adrogué, Nov 08, 2014

Annual Retreat of the "FA.LA.BE." (Familia de Laicos Betharramitas)

From October 31 to November 2 in our house "Villa Betharram" at Adrogué (Argentina), there took place the annual retreat of the "Family of the Lay Betharramites" (FALABE).

Annual Retreat of the

Thanks to the regular meetings held throughout the year in the Vicariate, a good number of lay people were present at this retreat.
As usual, while the adults were on retreat , the children were entertained by the group “Holidays Adrogué” and by other young members of the families attending the retreat.
The Eucharistic celebration, presided by Father Gustavo Agin SCJ, Regional Superior, was attended by all the participants: adults, youth and children.
The traditional "asado" (grilled meat) prepared for the Sunday lunch brought to an end this meaningful experience that participants shared straight away on the social networks.
We hope that the new coordinating group, led by Father Gian Carlo Monzani and by Diego and Gabriela Cantón, carry on giving the impulse needed to motivate many lay people to follow the charism of St. Michael Garicoïts.

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