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France - Pau, Oct 11, 2013

The Parish of the Holy Family for the Jubilee Year of Saint Michael

Sunday, October 6 the Parish of the Sacred Family in Pau inaugurated the Pastoral Year in the Church of S. Thérèse.

France - Pau

The Parish Priest, Fr Louis Pucheu, put this celebration under the auspices of Saint Michael Garicoits: Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr Jean-Luc Morin (Regional Superior and helping priest in the same Parish a few years ago); hymns with a Betharramite touch in them; official announcement of Fr Stervin Selvadass as a part-time helping priest of the Parish; welcome to Fr Phornchaï Sukjai; after lunch – more than 350 persons turned out – Br Emile Garat arranged a treasure hunt for the children. To cut the long story short, it was an enjoyable day, when all could share joy and faith in the name of Saint Michael Garicoits.

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