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France - Pau, Feb 13, 2012

France - Pau

Sunday, February 5, the new organ was blessed and inaugurated in the Chapel of the “Saint Michel” Community in Pau.

France - Pau
The organ is placed in the side chapel dedicated to St. Joseph. "The organ is a sacred instrument for sacred music," said Fr Benat Oyhénart, Superior of the community. He went on saying: "This evening we want to put this organ at the service of God. We also wish to put ourselves at the service of God, to praise Him and express our faith in him with the help of this instrument".
The celebration of the blessing of the organ was presided by Fr Jean-Luc Morin (Regional Superior of St. Michael Garicoits Region) who said: '... The hero of the day is the organ, made of wood, metal and electronic components; it is a liturgical instrument to support, accompany and enliven what is most noble in us: communion. And for this we need a choir master and a master of hearts: the Holy Spirit ... "
The blessing of the new organ was followed by a concert performed by the "Little Choir of St. Michael."
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