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Jun 19, 2013

Explanation of the logo

The explanation of the logo for the 150th

cuore di GesùThe heart of Jesus

The heart of Jesus (signalled by the Cross) in full: on the upper left hand edge the hand of God is to be seen pointing to the human heart. (The outline of God’s hand reminds us of the famous fresco by Michel Angelo)

Cuore dell'uomoThe human heart

The human heart which with its hand, stretches upwards so as to touch the hand of God, through the heart of Jesus.

cerchioThe circle with the meridian and parallels

The circle with the meridian and parallels represents the Earth, within which the heart of man lies hidden.

St Michael GaricoïtsThe face of St Michael Garicoïts

Behind the Heart of Jesus, in the middle distance, we can see the face of St Michael Garicoïts the 150 anniversary of whose death we are commemorating.


The number adds weight to the event which we are commemorating, that is the death of St Michael Garicoits

cerchio esternoThe circle

The circle within which the image is to be seen recalls the shape of the Host. The text is contained on two strips forming a network reminding us of the constant communion between Jesus and his Church.

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