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Ivory Coast - Adiapodoumé , Feb 11, 2021

Institution of Ministries of Lector and Acolyte in Adiapodoumé

On Tuesday 2 February, the community of Adiapodoumé celebrated a three-fold event: first of all the feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the temple; then the celebration of the World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life and finally the institution of Br. Jean Claude scj and Hyacinthe scj as Readers and Emmanuel scj and Fulgence scj as Acolytes.

Institution of Ministries of Lector and Acolyte in Adiapodoumé

This celebration took place during a solemn concelebration, presided over by Fr. Jean-Luc Morin scj, Regional Superior of the “St Michael Garicoïts” Region  in the parish of Saint Bernard in Adiopodoumé.

In his homily, Fr. Jean Luc drew attention on three main points.

First of all, the humility of Mary and Joseph and their obedience to the Jewish law. Secondly, the awareness of the specific identity of the baptized, consecrated persons and priests: that of being bearers of Christ in the world. And finally, he showed how through the encounter of the Child Jesus with the old man Simeon and, later, with the prophetess Anna, a generational transition between death and life takes place; the Child Jesus is full of life and the old men Simeone and the prophetess Anna have already reached the sunset of life.

It was also an opportunity for Fr Jean-Luc to thank the Lord for the day dedicated to consecrated life, which enriches and livens up the Church with the multiplicity of charisms and the dedication of so many lives totally offered to the Lord and to the brothers. He also blessed the Name of the Lord for all Congregations, communities, small or large, committed to making consecrated life known and appreciated by all the people of God.

He therefore invited the consecrated brothers and also the brothers who would be instituted Readers and Acolytes (Br. Jean Claude, Br. Hyacinthe, Br. Emmanuel and Br. Fulgence) to celebrate together and solemnly the wonders that the Lord has worked in them; to reflect on the gift received and to discover, with eyes of pure faith, the splendor of the divine beauty spread by the Spirit in their form of life. He encouraged them to become aware of their unique mission in the Church for the life of the world. He also reminded the future ministers of the new task entrusted to them.

Accompanied by their Master, Fr. Jean Paul Kissi scj, the new Readers and Acolytes went in procession to the feet of the Virgin Mary to offer some  candles, so that she may protect them in their new mission with her motherly love, asking her  to lead them on the right path.

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