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France - Pau, Jan 09, 2014

Workshop on "Praying with the Body"

The community of St-Michel, Pau carries on with the workshops on the theme: "Praying with all my own body." That's the impression of one of the participants of the second session:

Workshop on

"Let's start from the end. We were very impressed by the Eucharist. We felt closer to each other and to the Lord who was present among us just like the light and the flowers.
With this session we reach out to other countries, in a special way to India. We are very lucky to have you among us and to be immersed into the Indian culture. We practice body movements and breathing. We have become aware of the space, of our being creatures of God. Our body is praying and not just our head.
This method allows us to better concentrate on prayer. Every Thursday we had the opportunity to meet new people and to see our friends. A big thank you for the wonderful training you have given us. Thank you with all my heart."

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